Improv Comedy 101

Improv Class Syllabus:

  • Develop improvisational skills using short-form games or the long form structure known as Harold
  • Mold topics and suggestions into original characters and on-the-spot routines through a weekly on-stage performance workshop
  • Translate your ideas to connect with any audience by performing at the "top of your intelligence"

Improv Classes Include:

  • Seven two-hour-long improv class sessions at Goodnights Comedy Club, Thursdays from 7 to 9PM
  • A Graduation showcase at Goodnights at 8pm on the Wednesday immediately following the final class session (schedule permitting) in which participants perform for an audience of friends and family in a supportive, positive, and controlled environment

Upcoming Class Dates

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About the Instructor

Steve Lesser has been performing improv comedy for 24 years with over 3500 shows under his belt. He has directed several successful improv troupes in Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and Greensboro NC. Steve started teaching improv 22 years ago and has had students go on to be successful performers in NYC, Chicago, and LA.